enabling parents to help their kids develop a great online footprint
Problem is, what can parents do? 
Most parents I talk to struggle to find ways to help their children's online social presence. It's a real challenge to influence how a student's online footprint develops. And the Internet is a technical and confusing thing. I often hear how: 
Parents in the know
Parents who do the research realize that the single most impactful way to influence an online reputation is with a personal website.

We make it easy for parents to do something with this knowledge. To make an immediate and tangible impact on their child's future. And to create an opening for deeper conversation about online social spaces.
Jumpstart your child's digital resume in 20 minutes
With our Student Website Builder you create a beautiful, college-admissions-optimized website for your child. And it's really, truly easy. You don't need to spend days learning how to do things like:

- Register a domain name
- Create a basic website (and make it look good)
- Optimize a site for improved search results
- Utilize basic SEO tactics for highlighting positive content for improved search results

Here's how it works, in 4 steps...

Step 1: Pick a Domain Name

Every website begins with a good domain name. Our system automatically prioritizes available domain name suggestions based on how well they can lead search engines to your student website. To get started, just click your favorite. 

Step 2: Add Basic Info

We want your student's website to highlight the key words that life's gatekeepers will use in a search, such as high school name and primary extracurricular activities. While this does mean displaying this information prominently on the page, it also means including these terms in backend site metadata for Google to see. All of this is done for you automatically - just fill out as many of the fields in the website builder as you can. 

Step 3: Add Picture Content

"A picture is worth a thousand search engine optimization points." That should be the saying, anyway. Because your website is designed with Google in mind, the pictures that you upload are likely to be the ones that appear at the top of the results page when someone searched for your student. 

Step 4: Add Links to Good Content

Your student website is one piece of "good" content that you want life's gatekeepers to find, but it's likely not the only one. The school news articles about your child's achievements? Those are great. That piece that was published by the local newspaper? Also great. You can help Google associate these pieces of content by linking to them from your student website, along with a brief description. 

Join thousands of parents who are helping their children 

​The sense of accomplishment when you first see your child's website on the Internet is amazing.

We'll charge your credit card $20 every three months for as long as you wish to keep the website. We take care of everything including domain registration, site templates, SEO, email proxying, security updates, and more. Cancel anytime. Simple.​

Bonus: Get a Personalized Email Address

Personal websites aren't the only good use of your child's new domain name. Having an email address at that domain name not only makes it easy for others to remember, but it's also an advertisement for your student's website.